Monday, March 20, 2017

Jesus Is Gay

Right hand is raised. I swear to tell the  truth, the whole truth, I will not lie. Stephen is a big fan of The Walking Dead. Don't come by unless you are going to sit down, remain quiet and watch it with me. Don't call, I will not answer the phone short of you having a heart attack and then that might be debatable. Take a aspirin... call me in a hour! Don't text and expect an answer right away, not going to happen. Responding to a text is not out of the ordinary if you know me.  You already know, I will call you if it is over a one text conversation, but only after The Walking Dead.  Seven seasons and I'm still hooked. This past week's episode didn't disappoint, we finally got an answer: JESUS IS GAY!


mistress maddie said...

I watch that show too, and was shocked when it came out. Now if I was in the zombie apocalypse I could now get my rocks off with a hot guy. He always made me horny!

John Gray said...

He's sweet and BRITISH!
I wonder if there may be soarks with Daryl ?

Stephen said...

mistress Maddie; Yeah another fan! It is a good show and what most don't understand it is about the zombie apocalypse, but character, the interaction, just suck you in. Somehow I don't you need a zombie apocalypse to get your rocks off. LOL just basing that judgement from your fashion show post. ;-)

John Gray; Yes sweet, loveable, and sexy as all get out and he's BRITISH!