Friday, August 31, 2012


I haven't been able to get anything done in the yard due to all the rain we've gotten on a daily basis and found myself complaining about it to a co-worker. Then I realized what was I thinking? What have I to complain about. A little rain....come on I tell myself. Nothing in my life can compare to the troubles others have seen or actually are going through right now. No matter how bad things get at times, I try to remind myself there is always someone else going through trails way worst than anything thrown my way. God, my heart goes out to the people that have had their lives devastated by Hurricane Isaac. Prayers for each and everyone touch by this storm...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Is Your Favorite Brand of Underwear?

I hate it, I can't stand it and but I've put it off for too long. I've got to go shopping and I rather be beat. Just tie me up and beat me until I scream UNCLE. Wait that's another story, we were talking about shopping weren't we? Shopping for underwear way past time, thread bare, worn thin, stretched out, you name it I've got them. Don't faint, but heck, there's probably a pair or two with holes. So I guess, before someone calls the fashion police to me, it's time to go shopping. Which leads me to my question? What is your favorite brand of underwear? Briefs or Boxers? I'm a boxer guy and have different brands all thrown in together. If you stopped me on any given day and asked what brand of underwear I was wearing, I would probably have to look down at the waistband, that is, if I actually had any on.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Back...Is It Possible?

Looking Out From A Southern Closet Born: Sept. 25, 2005 Died: June 19, 2011 For all intents and purposes it was was to have remained dead. A collection of words born from pain, hidden truths, what if's and what could have been. I know, if only, I had found the strength (within) things could have been different now. But, in life one can't always find the answers, never a clear path seen amidst the fog, there was never a road without pain. As a man, with duties and obligations, I allowed the scales to always tilt in the favor of others and I walked away. Keyboard covered in dust, locked away, buried inside, a prison cell of darkness Stephen was banished back into his solitude. But day after day with little hope, he has dug and clawed his way back. It may be too late, who knows, but for now Stephen is back home. Is it possible?