Sunday, January 25, 2009


The tunnel was long but I have finally made it to the end, or close enough to at least see the light. The project is finished, presentation isn't officially until tomorrow, but it has already been signed off on, and the presentation is only a formality. There were some dark days, extremely long days, some I almost gave up days, but I hung in, I refused to throw in the towel. Now, maybe I can get my life back to some normalcy, if there is such a thing. Heart-felt thanks to each of you that stopped by, thanks to each of you that sent loving, caring emails. I will always hold your friendship inside a cherished place, my heart, and with each of its beats, I will always be reminded of you. Hopefully soon, I will be getting around to saying hello to all my blogging family, but until then, I think I will enjoy the rest of today, the world, outside. ((((HUGS))))