Saturday, November 25, 2006

Looking Back: Part Eight

I don't know how all the balls stayed in the air but I managed to juggle them all. The parents was happy, their perfect son was turning into a fine young man, perfect grades, graduation right around the corner, attended church every Sunday, dated a girl from a good Christian family, never any trouble. The teachers at school was happy, excellent student, always polite, well-mannered what a pleasure to teach such a fine young man. The "fire and brimstone" man behind the pulpit was happy, "It warms my heart, over the years I've watched you grow into such a fine young man, bless you my son." The girlfriend was happy, only slight pressure to put out, some heavy petting, nothing she couldn't handle, who could ask for a more perfect boyfriend. Even the married man was happy, his secret was safe, he had the perfect lover, a teenage boy that couldn't enough of his tight ass. Everyone was happy, everyone that is, except me.

I stopped here, no more words came, my fingers fell from the keyboard. My mind blank, my mind full of thoughts. Looking back, perhaps this is where "my" path forked. As a young man, I didn't realize that the sands of my hourglass had only started. I didn't realize I had all the time in the world, no one was rushing me into anything. Why was I rushing myself?


The Persian said...

How old exactly was this guy? (The married man)

Stephen said...

He was 32, I was 16, when it all started.