Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm doing something I've never done. I'm erasing a post. I wish I could erase the whole day the post was about, but I can't. Things happen for a reason, sometimes we don't understand them and sometimes it is hard to accept them, but we must, if we are to survive another day. I usually don't talk about work and the things that go on and after having some time I realized I had done just that. We all have bad days, we deal with them, we go on.


Lemuel said...

Whatever the source of your grief, your loss, my heart and my prayers reach out to you that you may be comforted and consoled.

peter said...

Stephen, this will pass. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.

daveincleveland said...

i keep telling ya...hang in there and you need someone to vent when you have a bad deay,don't ever think you have to keep it in all to yourself. that is not healthy
so vent and share with us after all we are family and who better than family to talk to when you are having a shitty day

Ur-spo said...

pish posh I say
blogs are like novels and we writers occasoinally look at a page and decide 'no not that one' and erase it. I should do this more often; come to think of it I've been meaning to dump a few - I will do so right now!