Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Want To Live........

"Let Me Out!"

"NO!" You know I can't. We've been through this before. You know you're in there for a reason. "Quit asking!"

"Please, I promise to be good this time."

That's what you said last time, and you remember what happened then, don't you?

"You know it wasn't my fault, it just happened. Besides, you were with me, so you're just as much to blame as I was. Now let me out!"

Like I had a choice, you dragged me along protesting, kicking and screaming, but would you listen, NO! You had to go through with it and you see what happened. It's better you stay in there, we're both safer this way.

"But I'm dying, can't you see, can't you feel it, without me there is only existence, there is no life! If I die, you die." Please, I want to live....................


Paul said...

Don't we all.

daveincleveland said...

you can do it, you are strong, the freedom,the truth, its all worth it....hang in there
hugs from cleveland

Java said...

I hurt for you. He's right. He's dying. If you let him out there will be a big mess. Huge. You will hurt very much. But you won't die, and there is much hope for future happiness and fulfillment like you have never experienced before.

If you keep him locked up, there is only a slow, dismal death. Please don't do that.

I see Michael in Norfolk's blog in your blogroll. Have you communicated with him? Do you know his story? It is a hopeful one. I met him recently, talked and laughed with him for a couple of hours. He's a very special man. He has been where you are now (or at least a similar situation)

Do you know the Strelitzia blog?
There is some good stuff there.

You deserve to be yourself. You deserve to find yourself.

I care. For what it's worth.