Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Waters Recede


After days of rain, and the likely possibility of another flood, the dove has returned with an olive branch and faith has been restored that we will again have dry land. Well maybe not, according to the Weather Channel looks like the "bitch" is circling around creating another low front and will be coming toward us from the other side, nothing major, just more rain. This past weekend was rainy, high winds, nasty, nasty weather, everything is wet, soggy, messy, but we actually were the lucky ones. We caught the band of winds and rain from Tropical Storm Fay only once, whereas, some felt her fury again and again as she criss-crossed across the State of Florida causing major flooding and loss of life. I've got the day off and while it is not raining, I need to get out and pick up some of the branches blown down, but I wanted to say thanks for the comments and for caring. Hugs from the heart..............


Lemuel said...

Let us hope that Gustav not only peters out, but blesses another drier land with his rains.

I hope you enjoyed your day off with activites beyond picking up branches.

Java said...

We are finally getting some of this rain here in the western corner of South Carolina. It has been so dry here! We had some very nice rain today, not too hard, so hopefully it will soak into the dry ground well. My mother is in central Florida and the poor gal is getting really tired of the rain!

Hope you get more dry soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the rain has subsided. We desperately needed it. Lake Hartwell is soooo low right now. I feel for those who live on the lake and cannot see the beauty it once held. Tell lme where do you live?