Friday, November 11, 2005

Back to the Grind Stone

Good days over, it's back to the ole Grind Stone, workday just ahead. You guys, having a day off today, think about this poor soul having to go into work, no windows to see the sunshine, no chance of having any wind upon my face, caged behind walls of concrete and steel. It is that time of year, so it will probably be busier than a horde of bees after nectar. I shouldn't complain, it keeps the wolves from breaking down the door and allows me to indulge ever now and then. Hold the fort down while I'm away.


Spider said...

That sounds terrible Stephen... I hope you at least LIKE your job... big plans for the weekend?

Stephen said...

Love the job, couldn't think of anything I rather do, well there are a few things that come to mind but nothing that pertains to the job, but those ideas are for another story and another day ;-)