Friday, April 28, 2017

Did I Do The Right Thing?

Instead of a one night stand I think I turned down a one day stand...

Let me get to the point of the matter, yesterday I had a repairman scheduled  to take care of  a broken appliance.

Luckily, it was still under warranty, but here's the down side of the problem I just couldn't call a local repairman it had to be someone that handled warranty problems. This meant He, the repairman, would be coming out of South Carolina, hours away, to fix the problem. How cost effective could this be for them? But, not my worry right? He, the repairman was scheduled to arrive somewhere between 10am and 4pm. OK there goes my off day! I waited, waited, and waited knowing full well it was to be between 10am and 4pm and it was only 11am, but one of my flaws in life is having to wait on anyone when I'm ready to go or get it over with. At 1:30 pm the truck pulls up, the guy gets out, puts out the little orange cones at the front and back of his van, opens the back of the van, gets out a tool pouch attaches it around his waist and a clipboard and heads to the door. I'm watching all this from the camera monitor inside and open the door before he has a chance at ringing the bell. We make the customary exchange, shake hands, and he follows me inside. We make idle chit chat; how was his drive, the approaching summer, all as he goes about his business checking things out. I'm standing there looking over his shoulder as if I was a repairman trainee, knowing full well, I probably was getting on his nerves by micromanaging.

However, curiosity is another one of my flaws, what is broken, why is it broken, does it happen often with this make and model and so on?  A recall part, he says. Well, why didn't I get a notification, oh, just waiting to see how many breaks, huh? To replace the recall part took all of thirty minutes from start to finish.  His total travel time around 6 hours, still hard to fathom the economic side of this.

Matt, the repairman, was OK with this, he got paid by the hour, enjoyed driving, and didn't have to wear a required uniform which was a good thing according to him. Matt was 35-40 if I had to guess, came wearing a pair of cargo shorts which showed his muscular hairy legs - nicely tanned, nice hairy legs, needed mentioning again, a tattoo stamped on his right leg between his ankle and calf, a pullover shirt, sported a baseball cap and a short goatee with a touch of grey. Yes, I was very observant. And, yes I was also glad he didn't have to wear a required uniform.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Remember, my radar hasn't been calibrated in a long while but I got the feeling there was something else on Matt's mind.  After the job he came sat down and we continue to chat about nothing as he filled out the paperwork and had me sign it. Then came this question, are there anything else you need me to help you with, he said. Anything at all? To say I wasn't caught off guard would be an under-statement and I could have easily read something into this, but before I could gather my wits and respond, he asked if he could use the restroom. Sure, it's through the door, down the hall first door to the right is all I said.   Matt walks down the hall and Dumb Dora is standing there contemplating should I or should I not make the next move.  In just a minute, Matt returns and I promise you the cargo pants are a little tighter in the front as he returns and says, well if you don't have any laundry you need help with, I'll be on my way. Well, what does Dumb Dora say --- I guess not but thank- you for fixing the dishwasher and have a safe drive back home!


Anonymous said...

I read your post with anticipation of what was going to happen. I was putting myself into your shoes, and I know I would have done the exact same thing. I have had in my life two guys make a pass at me (or at least I think) and I was so dumbstruck, that I just froze. I kicked myself afterward both times and started thinking about how I just wasn't suave enough to pull off an impromptu liaison.

Anonymous said...

Short of "could you help me with my plumbing?" I'm not sure what else you could have said! Next time get a pair of shorts stuck in your washing machine and ask for Matt.

mistress maddie said...

Oh my god! Had me been here, he'd been walking right into the lair of a Venus fly trap!

I once had a electrician come here to update all my outlets per the landlord. Not my type by any means, but very nice. Before leaving he said something similar while he grabbed my crotch. I was of course caught off guard. Nothing happened, although I told him a was flattered.

John Gray said...

Well you will never know!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I wouldn't worry about it Stephen, I can't tell you how many times I've read more into a statement, only to realize later it was totally innocent. I would have done the same thing. I am no expert at hooking up but I would guess that if he did grab your crotch, he probably doesn't want to do laundry with you.

Steven said...

I'm with many others on this as well. And there is something about someone making a pass at me while in my own home. Especially when not expecting it or if I am not "in the driver's seat", so to say. If you had made a mistake and everything was innocent between the two of you, you and your home could have been targets of something very bad.

Ur-spo said...

Oh for pete's sake call him back!

Stephen said...

Michael; I know what you mean, I just wasn't sure and even if I had been I probably would have done the exact same thing as I did.

JP, too funny, maybe a jock strap...

mistress Maddie (Stephen) crotch grabbing would have been a dead giveaway for sure. any guy would be a willing victim to your Venus fly trap.

John Gray, we will never know is right. A lot safer also.

Sooo-this-is-me (Steven)I would have dropped over dead in my tracks if I had misread and acted upon his being totally innocent. Always err of the side of caution.

Steven; you are absolutely right. If fact I remember a guy that lost his phone because he made a pass at a female while repairing her phone and she reporting him. Just wasn't worth the risk.

Ur-spo; I know your kidding.