Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Void

Mind blank as a freshly erased chalk board. I am surrounded by the emptiness, engulfed by all that is nothing, lost somewhere between here and there. There's no words, no thoughts, there's nothing but the void, but I am OK!


Steve and Warren said...

Hi guy...We've moved to and our blog is not titled "Our View From Lake Superior" .. in case you'd like to update your blog.

Thanks..take care...

Steve and Warren

Ur-spo said...

lucky man
to have a blank slate and be surrounded by emptiness
it all heralds a big band of light and creation

Java said...

Well, it sounds like a better place to be than the bottled up torment you have experienced in the past. Good luck!

afod said...

Sounds like a blank slate and a good place to start from, charting your own course! Hopefully there will be no high seas!