Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mood: Exhausted

Why do we call it a vacation, when we get back home often times more give out, more tired, more exhausted than we were before we left. I need a vacation from the vacation.


daveincleveland said...

come on up to cleveland for a couple days to rest and recuperate hehehe

Steve and Warren said...

Coming back from vacation - sucks!

Nobody does my work,while I'm gone. That's no vacation - it's just putting my work off for a week and making me work twice as hard when I come back.

Warren of Steve and Warren

Ur-spo said...

doesn't sound at all like a proper 'vacation'. americans try to do far too much on their holidays. main point is to get away/relax do little and not get too worn out from it. Or so I hope.

Derek said...

I'm not sure but I sure could use a vacation to be tired when I get back.