Friday, April 27, 2007

I Send You All My Love

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Work has not been only a killer to my body, wrecked havoc with my soul, but it has captured and held hostage all my free time these last few days. It does not mean I have not thought about each of you, it does not mean I have not missed each of you, it does not mean my Prince Charming rode in on his white horse and carried me away to live happily ever after. It just means my tail is dragging the floor! Hugs and Kisses


Peter said...

Is there something more blossoming inside those pants ;-)

Stephen, take a well deserved rest this weekend (((Hugs))) & XXX

daveincleveland said...

hope your weekend brings you much rest and relaxation...take some time for need it

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

A hug and a neck rub for you.
Rest up when you can, and think beautiful thoughts, and when you're up to it, tell us all about it.

Greg said...

Shame that Prince Charming hasn't swept you off your feet just yet. Maybe he is on the way. Supposedly the prince rides on bareback.... errrr horseback, so give him a little time.

Albert said...

Hugs and kisses back at ya and I hear ya!

woe said...

Hugs and kisses back at you Stephen. I really hope for you, that things ease up at the salt mine, and you get to take a well deserved break.