Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh, My God!

Oh, My God, what have I done? Couldn't leave things alone, could I? Now look where its gotten me. Lost this. . . lost that . . . I feel a headache coming on.
Oh well. I can't worry about it today, there is always tomorrow. . .
Well, it is now tomorrow and after changing the blog over to the new Blogger beta version I'm in the process of trying to get things back in working order. No shit, when they say you might lose some of the changes already made but did they tell me I would lose all my links. Somehow I missed reading that in the fine print. If I have missed adding you back please forgive me, it is going to take time getting everything back in order.


Brad said...

I regretted switching to beta as well. I gues I'm getting used to it, though. I still miss being to leave comments on non-beta bloggers, though. It looks really nice over here, though. Great job, Stephen.

Stephen said...

Thanks Brad, I know what you mean about the comments, I was beeginning to think no one loved me anymore. Dave tried all morning to leave a comment and ended up having to post anonymous and then leave his name in the comment. Maybe they will work it all out soon.

Drew said...

I like the layout, too. I do find not being able to leave comments for non-beta bloggers a pain, though.

Is the new layout reflective of other changes in your life, too?

Spider said...

LOVE the new look! Very sharp and clean looking!

The Persian said...

you are the umpteenth person who is complaining about the beta version.

*Persian guy stays put*

for the time being anyway