Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lazy Day Holiday

By the power invested in me, me being Stephen, I declare this today of our Lord and Saviour as a Lazy Day Holiday. On this day, I will do as I please, I will do as much or as little as my heart and soul desires.

On this day, I will rise as early as I like or sleep the morning away, it is my day, to do as I wish. (It is embarrassing to say how late I did sleep)

I will not be available for the ringing phone, the world will be on its own. (Let it ring, I refuse to answer the damn thing. How many times are you going to call? Don't you get it, I'm not answering the phone, stop calling.)

I will not answer the door, even though the knocking of the door is incessant on my coming to it. ( Yes, I know you are knocking on my door. No, I'm not letting you in, I don't have any clothes on, besides I don't even know you and whatever you are selling, I don't want or need any. Now, go away!)

I will channel surf as much as I want. (click, click, click. . .well at least until the game comes on. The remote says, "Thank-God, its game time)

The game is over, the best of the day is over, and yes, maybe it was a do nothing day, but yeah, after all it was a Holiday.

How did you spent your day?


Brad said...

I spent a portion of my day working from home, again. I've really got to work on that...

Thanks for the reminder.

Hypoxic said...

Those lazy days are the best!

Stephen said...

brad, working from home is sometimes necessary, but it something I try not to do. I hope your weekend wasn't all work.

hypoxic, yes lazy days are good, I only wish I could manage more of them.

Anonymous said...

ok stephen dear boy, lets try it this way, daveincleveland states that i have not had a lazy day in a very long time, but sure would love to, have taken work home after putting in a 12 hour day at the office and oh my, the thought of you naked behind that door would keep me there pounding till you answered ..hehehe
your friend dave from daveincleveland

Anonymous said...

ok, that worked, have been trying to post all morning, guess i will do it this way

Stephen said...

dave, thanks for comment, I know it was a hassle to do, I switched over to the new beta blogger and leaving comments has been a nightmare, maybe they will have it worked out soon. Don't work to hard.