Monday, February 06, 2006

OK I Admit it!

Ok, I admit it! No longer can I hide the fact. Wearing sunshades on cloudy days and yes, even sometimes indoors isn't working anymore. I don't know how it happened. . . I've always made sure I didn't have the Moss look when leaving the house, you know, none of the telltale signs of makeup on my nose. Long sleeves in the summer time is even making people's heads turn and look in my direction from time to time. I used to tell myself it was my good looks and charm but I can no longer fool myself into believing it. No longer can I hide the reality of my addiction. There I've said it, well at least, written it down for the world to see. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I fill ten pounds lighter. . .now if only the scales would confirm that loss, the world would be a better place. A day can't go by without a fix, I'm addicted. Who would have ever known? There are days when the addiction is so bad I almost forget to find the time to make a post, the addiction takes over and before I know it, hours has past. I know it is hard to believe and many of you might not want to believe it, but it is true. I'm addicted and I need your help. How, you may be asking? Look to the right of my blog and you will see your "Blog Site" update as often as you can, I need my daily fix to keep me healthy, happy, and sane. Oh! btw, what really gives me a high is when you take the time to visit and leave a comment or two, talk about a rush!


Jeff Skybar said...

I too am addicted to blogs. It effects my work life, personal life, home life. THings that I never thought before, now get pondered in my head, yet I can't shut it off. The need grows everyday.

I have often thought of making a blogger's anonymous. We can blog about how we are overcoming our addiction to blogging...but then it kind of defeats itself.

Steve said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Congratulations! (I can't get enough either. Shhhh. It'll be our little secret.)

Hypoxic said...

Ah ... you do have a way with the pen, Stephen!

Great post and I admit, I too am addicted. But it's a good addiction and we have something of a community going here. Hope it never goes away.

Kelly said...

My other half would agree with me being addicted to this blogging thing...the only thing he hates more is my addiction to seeing Brokeback Mountain win an Oscar...he is in hell...thanks for adding me to your blog list to the right...umm just one thing..umm...well, it is "Rambling along in life...with a Stern point of view" Makes it sound sweeter...but all in all..thanks and i love your blog..will add to my blog list tonite

MiKell said...

Hi. My name is MiKell, and I am a blog-a-holic.

Everyone together now...

jetboy747 said...

Oh, thank G**! I thought, great, another crackhead whore in my life. Just what I need.

But it would be my pleasure to be your dealer. As long as we can share each other's product.

woe said...

Brilliant post Stephen. I have found blog addiction to be highly therapeutic. Who would have thought, an addiction thats good for you.

To borrow a phrase from Hypoxic, "we have something of a community going here. Hope it never goes away."

Jamie said...

Hello There! Just wanted to say hi. I came over because I saw your site on my stat counter. Thanks for linking to my blog!! It is much appreciated. I will link back to yours as well.

Hope you are having a good day!


Mr. Brian said...

Yes, I'm addicted to blogs, too. Do they have a 12 step program for that?

jjd said...

here's a little fix for you then.. its not grade-A stuff, probably diluted with some serious baking powder, but hopefully will give you a little jolt anyway (or maybe just a headache huh?)

Scott In Thornton Park said...

Wow, what a powerful post.

While the media, and publishing companies are going one way with literary talent, blogs are going a different way.

And with pictures -boy's with crab-trail pictures!

Oh, I digress. I think stuff like this, the post by stephen that challenges your curiosity to keep reading to get to the bottom -apologies for the pun- is a challenge to main stream publishing.

Ha! Simon and Schuster!

Art When We Melt said...

OMG I also thought you were serious.
I was waiting for you to reveal tales of bathroom getaways mid-day at work to get a fix!
Glad it's not serious.

What a great post!

Spider said...

Understand what you mean Stephen - but I would only go if they had a wireless internet connection so I could read my blogs!

Actions and Consequences said...

no one likes a quiter

Stephen said...

It is so nice to know I'm not alone in "this addiction" and let me say by no means was I trying to make light of those with an actual addiction to any drug, it was just a play of words and not meant to hurt or harm anyone.

jeff, a blogger anonymous, now that's a great idea, don't forget to send me the url. wait a minute, that was the addiction talking.

steve, (((whispering)))thanks, it's our secret, we won't tell anyone.

hypoxic, thanks a bunch, I agree with the community statement, I have come to cherish each of you as a dear friend.

kelly, thanks for the visit and comment, my deepest apologies and the correction has been made, drop by anytime and guys if you haven't done so yet by all means check kelly's blog out.

mikell, lol, great comment, made my lips smile.

jetboy, thank goodness you had the heart to finish reading until the end. My friend, you can be my dealer anytime, I will be more than happy to share with you.

woe, thanks, I agree blogging is a good form of therapy and a great way to meet some good friends along the way.

innermind, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, you are welcome anytime, like Motel Six, I will leave the light on.

mr. brian, welcome, and thanks for dropping by and let me thank you again big time, it was so much appreciated when I dropped in over @ Mr. Brian's Opinions and saw the shoutout you had given me, from the bottom of the heart, I thank-you. Don't be a stranger, new friends are always welcomed.

jjd, lol, it was just the fix I needed. Got anymore?

scott in thornton park, make me blush, thanks and welcome, feel free to visit and by all means leave a comment like the one above anytime. Do you have a blog? If not you really need one....

art when we melt,OMG it's you! You're really here, I'm honored, guys if you really want to see some great post, thought provoking and entertaining you really need to click over and check out this blogger.

spider, you are too funny, we must have a connection.

actions and consequences, ???????

Phoenixboi said...

Very clever!!

You had me going there.. but glad it isnt something too serious.


Stephen said...

phoenixboi, just a play on words, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

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