Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Morning Kisses

All too quickly the unexpected weekend of being off has come and gone, but I used it as best and as wisely as any man could, spending time with family and friends, returning some blogging love with friends I would have rather spent my time with, and a Sunday afternoon spent watching soccer. All in all a quiet weekend.

I leave you with some "Monday Morning Kisses" to start your week off.


jetboy747 said...

Thanks for the Monday Morning Kisses! Great foto.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. I love football *soccer*.

Hypoxic said...

Hell, I'd be happier if one of those guys in the picture was you :)

Hope you enjoyed the weekend! For some strange reason the time off flys while the time on drags LOL

Hope you have a great week!

CTG said...

Thanks for the kisses. Perfect way to start the week. Its cooler here with some rain, which is just what I love. Great pic too, hehe. Glad you had a cool weekend. Have a great day, CTG

Steve said...

Thanks for the smooch! Glad you had a nice, quiet weekend. Now... on with Monday.

woe said...

Smooches back at you Stephen. Have a good week buddy.

Kelly said...

Kisses make me want to crawl back in bed with my man...but work calls...ughhh

Spider said...

Hey Stephen - thanks for the kiss - what a great thing on a Monday... ~smack~ right back at ya!

MiKell said...

Shit. I wish I'd seen that this morning (my internet connection was a bit iffy). It probably would have made my day go a bit better.

Rob said...

Kisses to you, too, buddy. Hope the two days you had off were enough to sufficiently recuperate from the work done last week and the work yet to be done this week. You'll be in my thoughts this week - hope it's not too stressful. Take care, hon.

DEREK said...

here's a Tuesday night kiss to you bud. Have a good week!

Phoenixboi said...

Was that a kiss with the tongue? :P

Skipper said...

thanks for the pic, and here's to a good week, even if it is already

Stephen said...

jetboy, no thanks necessary, I always have kisses for you.

hypoxic, you spoke the truth in that, I think work and time has a conspiracy thing going on.

ctg, hey man, thanks to you, hope the weather has cleared up some.

steve, (((hugs))) the weekend was a good one.

woe, thanks buddy, can't wait for the updates coming from you. Hang in there!

spider, thanks for the smack back, I needed one!

mikell, maybe it make the night even better.

rob, mmmmmm, kisses back at me. I hope those thoughts you are going to be thinking are some goooood ones!

derek, after monday and tuesday I could really use a good tuesday night kiss.

phoenixboi, lol, of course.

skipper, thanks buddy, a great big ol' welcome to you. stop by anytime.

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