Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Still Alive

It has been quiet as a graveyard around here for way too long and I know I've been forgotten and buried by many readers and that is understandable, but I am alive. Forgive me for not updating but I allowed myself to fall victim, void of caring, void of feeling and when that happens there is nothing worth sharing. Somehow my life took a unexpected detour and I got lost. I've thought about you often and hope to catch up with you all again very soon.



Jason_M said...

I check back from time to time. Glad to see you're alive.

Peter said...

{{{{Stephen}}}} You're not forgotten, only missed! Hope to hear from you soon.

Lemuel said...

You were not forgotten. Just a day or so ago, I looked at your feed and noted in my mind that I had not seen anything from you in a while, wondering how you were doing, and as always wishing you well.

Java said...

You say you are still alive, yet you post a picture of a graveyard. Hmmmm.

It is good to hear from you again. I think of you occasionally. I hope you find your way, Stephen.

Ur-spo said...

I was very happy to see you posting.
I have thought you ' closed" - I was going to check one more time before closing - and here you are!
I do hope you will stick around and keep us up-to-date more frequently now. I have missed you.

daveincleveland said...

dear sweet stephen...i keep you in my thoughts always and hope you are doing are never forgotten...hang in there...things do get better
hugs from cleveland

jim said...

It's good to hear from you again. I'm not sure I ever commented before, but I have read everything. You were never forgotten.