Friday, February 01, 2008

Missing Piece

I am still looking for that last missing piece of the puzzle. I know it is still out there. At times, when I am down, at my lowest, when I am most vunerable, I will allow doubt to creep in and cloud the senses, but I know deep down that it is waiting for me. I refuse to give up, refuse to stop believing that someday I will find it and the puzzle will be complete.


Anonymous said...

Puzzles offer so much insight into the total picture as we piece them together. One tiny portion of an image at a time and we start to sense what we're about to have. However, as you so eloquently point out, until that last piece is locked into its proper location the picture is slighted and incomplete. We all seek that magical moment when the last piece of the puzzle is locked down and we see the world around our life more clearly. Thanks for bringing us closer to that moment.


Ur-spo said...

try not to use a puzzle as a metaphor as it will never be complete so long as you are alive and growing (or so I hope).
The 'missing piece' is your Self, and this will take a life time to work upon - if you are lucky.
good luck in putting it all together.

daveincleveland said...

honey it took me umpteen years to find the missing piece, found it and now wondering just what the hell to do with are growing and changing by leaps wether you know it or not, keep growing and searching and that last piece will fall into place and then you will see the me.........each day you are getting closer.
hugs from cleveland

peter said...

Life is one big puzzle, when it's almost complete something will happen so you can not put the last piece into place.

In the mean time you have to live YOUR life and be happy with it. Don't live someone elses life so they can be happy.

Rob said...

Sweet Stephen...I think ur-spo said it best...YOU are the missing piece - and you owe it to yourself to live the BEST LIFE you possibly can, being true to you. Remember my mantra...this life is not a "dress rehearsal." It's the only one you have. People can't live their lives for you anymore than you can live yours for them. Remember that my friend...and know that you are loved. Big hugs...

Derek said...

Man I wish so many times I were there to give you a big ole hug. Keep on looking, it will be complete one day, or who knows maybe it's complete right now, even while your looking for it.

Anthony said...

Stephen, I am sure you will piece the entire puzzle together. You deserve that happiness in life.

With Love

JON said...

I continue to wish you the best, the insight, the stamina, the strength, the love that you need or may need.

Wish it was as simple as having lunch with you and kissing the place that hurts and making it all better. Could use someone to do that for me as well.

All the best always. Miss you during the times between the posts.

Love ya,