Monday, May 15, 2006

Pain to Pleasure

"Your quest to pleasure can not be reached without walking down the path of pain, little one," so said the wise man.

"Well, I've been walking down the path of pain for a few days now and the only thing I have to show for it is a tired and aching body," I said.

"Have faith, my child."

"Faith, you say?" Having kind of lost the faith along the way I wonder if he is as wise as they say. Here I have climbed to the top of this damn mountain only to be told, to have Faith! What kind of bull shit is this? Stephen says and thinks to himself.

"I see, you doubt my wisdom, little one."

Ok, I've just about had it! First he says, have faith, rolling my eyes I think to myself, same line, different Holy Man. And now for the second time, he has referred to me as little one. What is up with this? There is nothing little about me. Hell, I don't even refer to Stephen Jr. as little. Just my luck, a blind wise man! But I'll play along.

Doubt? Oh no, your Holiness, there is no doubt, why would there be any doubt?

"Close your eyes, my child, the road you seek is within. It is a long journey over high mountains and through deep valleys. Dark clouds and heavy rains will fall upon you. You will struggle, you will fall, your heart will bleed. Remember in finding, there was first a seeking, remember in reaching the end there must always be a beginning, to begin a journey there must be a first step. The sands of your hour glass has begun falling, your destiny, your journey . . . .

Yes, Yes, my destiny, my journey? Go on! Tell me more! What is this? Has Stephen become a believer?

Wise man glances at a bright shiny object glaring in the sunlight. "Sorry my child, your time is up! Perhaps, we will begin where we left off today, if that is ok? Your lunch break is over, time you got back to work!"


dave in cleveland said...

oh dear stephen would like to be on that road to pain/pleasure right now, what an awesome pic for a monday morning,

Rob said...

You always speak so eloquently and paint these vivid images with your words. Just another reason to love you (there are so many). Isn't that the way of it? You get so close to finding out the answers and then it's "back to work." you Stephen. Hugs n kisses.

Mike said...

Just wanted to say I really like your blog, you write very insightful posts... that seem to relate to most of our lives.

Stephen said...

dave in cleveland, I agree, the right kind of pain can feel so goooooood. Have a good week.

rob, it is so nice to be loved but to be loved by you makes it even better, hugs and kisses

mike, thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment, it means alot. Feel free to drop by anytime, new friends are always welcomed.

Anonymous said...

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