Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead

Don't know if you're a fan of The Waking Dead, but I certainly am. If you have never watched it here is something to catch you up: Waking up in an empty hospital after weeks in a coma, County Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finds himself utterly alone. The world as he knows it is gone, ravaged by a zombie epidemic. The Walking Dead tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after the apocalypse. Based on Robert Kirkman's hugely successful and popular comic book series, AMC's The Walking Dead is an epic, edge-of-your-seat drama where personal struggles are magnified against a backdrop of moment-to-moment survival. A survivalist story at its core, the series explores how the living are changed by the overwhelming realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. They themselves have become the walking dead. After watching the above video of Andrew Lincoln, I won't even try to make you believe I watch the show just for the Zombie's.


Ur-spo said...

oh dear, this does not sound like my cup of tea at all ! I like happy tales, and no zombies thankyou.

John said...

Flesh eating zombies, you got to be kidding me, no way. Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

Stephen said...

Ok you two, I know zombies are everyone's cup of tea but really there's more to the show than just "flesh eating". Wife thought husband died, sleeps with best friend, becomes pregnant, whose the baby's daddy ????, best friend plots to kill husband, instead husband kills best friend, best friend turns into zombie, son puts zombie down to save dad..... ok I give up.... I know I've lost the two of you when it came back around to Zombie, but I tried. ;-)