Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help, Bring a Key!

I haven't much time, listen carefully! I'm being held prisoner, held against my will. For weeks on end, shackled, chained, I've been and I'm going stark raving mad. A constant companion I've had, faithful, loyal, always there. It is as if the doctor has placed me on a suicide watch and failed to tell me about it. I need some space, I need some time alone. When did you say your vacation is over? When will I be set free? When will I have time to myself again?

Got to run, my shadow is coming.............please don't forget me..........


Peter said...

Stephen, that key is already in your pocket, you only have to take it out, put it in the lock and turn it to open the door[s].

This prison is in your head, you're the only one who can unlock its door[s], so if you want to really be free... YOU have to take the above steps.

Many free friends outside that prison will welcome you.


carpe vitam! said...

I agree with peter, only you can do it.

Very nice blog, I love it!

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Jason_M said...

Okay, I've got to say it. This is the scariest blog I've ever read. Stephen seems to be on the verge of suicide. Hope that's not the case!