Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do You No Longer Love Me?

Is it time?

In the beginning, there was nothing.

Surrounded with darkness, void of any life, a blank canvas longed to live.

Believing, keeping the faith, it patiently waited, knowing its creator would eventually come.

When all others held onto nothing but doubt, it believed.

The eyes of this canvas searched the darkness day after day, until the day came, a small but undeniable flicker of light broke through the stillness.

First one flicker, then another, the light became brighter and brighter, the canvas was no longer blank. Words, thoughts, desires, hopes filled the pages that once was barren of life.

Words had given it a heartbeat, words from its creator had given it breath, words from its creator had given it life. It rejoiced from the love and warmth from its creator, the same way a hard cock welcomes the love and warmth of a lover's mouth. The blank canvas was his to do as he wished.

You, my creator, my lover, came to me sometimes in the early morning, sometimes in the brightness of the midday, there were even times when you came to me in the dead of night, I always welcomed the touch of the keyboard, knowing you were there. Your breath was my breath, your heartbeat my heartbeat.

But. . .

I have been told by the lack of visitors, I have been told by the lack of comments, that something is happening. I cannot allow myself to believe what I fear the most. The thoughts beat at the door of my weakening heartbeat, that perhaps I will soon be no longer. Days pass and there is nothing. Days pass, your touch, cannot be felt, your words do not come. There is nothing but the darkness from which I came. I am nothing without you.

Do you no longer love me?


Brad said...

I'm always here, ready to read your thoughts.

daveincleveland said...

don't you dare ever think that buddy, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily, i am always thinking about you wondering how you are, you are loved dear stephen and hope you know that, you always know how to get a hold of me so please please sometime call me

Kelly said...

We are here... some of us read and don't leave comments.. I am lazy that way most days... dont go anywhere... keep putting your thoughts down... it is a good way to clear the mind... hang in there!

Mike said...

I love you!

Stephen said...

brad, dave, kelly, mike, sometimes we get caught up in the doldrums of life, sometimes we, ourselves, even wonder if there is any reason to care anymore, we fall into acceptance, but when friends like each of you care enough to leave sweet comments, it restores the faith, the hope for the tomorrow, I thank each of you, accept (((((hugs)))) from Stephen's heart.

daveincleveland said...

anytime dude, thats why we are all here to begin with, to support each other in this journey of ours
hugs back at ya

Albert said...

Sorry bud, I have been a bad friend...I have been so busy with exams and moving...but that is no excuse. I promise to be a better friend

Kelly said...

Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutley love your writing you should never stop you have an amazing way with word its very captivating!