Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bah, Humbug!

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In the beginning it can fool you, it leads you to believe this year is going to be different. No way will this year be like all the years before. . . this one will be different. Well, it isn't! The traffic, the crowds, the rushing here, the rushing there, will they like this, keep this, or return this. And to think it is only going to get worse. Wake me when it is all over. . .


Scott said...

I am SOOOOOO with ya.

The Persian said...

Listen Grinch boy, it's all part of the atmosphere. I mean it wouldn't be Christmas without the madness!

*Persian Holiday hugs*

Stephen said...

scott, welcome, it will be over soon.

persian, it is friends like you that makes all the madness worthwhile, thanks for the smile....Grinch boy, huh?

Lyngwood said...


Don't turn turtle now. All the current madness is the same madness we always had - even back in the 50's. There are just a lot more people and shopping malls now. But it's really all about trying to show love - commercialized as it may be - to our children, our spouse/partners, our parents and our other loved ones.

I think we tend to feel that it was better when we were young, that it was "real" and not "marketing". But the truth is that we were just kids seeing the world through the wonderful, believing eyes of childhood, eyes that hadn't yet learned cynicism and that hadn't had to struggle through the crowds and the traffic. We were enjoying the gift of youth then; now we are adults and, if we have children, we are trying - if we are fortunate enough to be able - to let them feel the excitement, the wonderful smells of the season, and the love that we felt when we were their age.

I know that the contrast between our memories and the stresses of the season as an adult can make us melancholy and depressed. For many years I hated Christmas because I thought it was a fraud. Then I realized that there was no fraud; the happy memories I had from childhood were a gift from my parents and as an adult I have no right to expect the world to continue making me feel like that. Rather, I have an obligation to try to make the world a better and happier place for others.

Many Happy Holiday Hugs!


PS: After reading your blog for many months, I am sure that you are man enough.

Stephen said...

lyngwood, thank you for the beautiful comment. Thanks for reminding me, for making me see, that the spirit of Christmas isn't gone, that it lives on in memories past, and hopefully in memories ahead. Please stop by the Closet anytime, you are always welcomed.